Born in 1957, I live in Greiveldange / Luxembourg. After working for 35 years in the Luxembourgish aviation I am retired since summer 2014 and therefore have the possibility to dedicate even more time to my great passion: photography.
I purposely avoid focusing too much on a specific stylistic direction. While one could have the impression that city, landscape and nature shots may be predominant in my repertoire, I have also specialized in night and architecture photography. Sometimes I am also tempted by bigger challenges, such as taking photographs of fireworks or the technique of the so called “panning” which is often used in sports photography. The shooting animals is also part of my passion, in particular the birds around the Moselle River area.
I like to compare photography with the creativity of making music. Creating a picture is like a composition (similar to composing a song) and the post processing on the PC is not a simple technical issue but rather comparable with the creative mixing of sounds. The result, therefore, very much depends on the mood of the day.
Except for some documentary pictures, my photos usually reflect my own personal views and moods. Sometimes they are dark. More frequently, however, they are intentionally over idealized. Such over idealization is never meant to glorify but to deliberately emphasize and underline the beauty of scenes for which I feel it is appropriate.
Since 2016 I participate regulary in national and international photo contests, you can find my awards here.

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